About the blog

This blog is the extension of the small work notebooks that I carry with me every day. Over the years, the daily operational notes they collect have been joined by ever more broader observations, questions, ideas and themes to which I regularly return. I setup this blog to give those notes their own space; a place where I can deliberately engage, test, develop and share them further.

Whereas the original impetus for these pages is related to my consulting work, I don’t claim management or professional concerns as a clear red thread. I expect to follow the ideas wherever they may lead. However, I believe I can say that behind each post is a sincere attempt to learn something and share it with others, no matter how tenuous or fleeting my grasp of the subject may be.

Has anything here been of interest, use or otherwise moved you one way or another? Get in touch via one of the “Connect” channels posted in the sidebar; I would love to hear from you.

-Joshua Berger-Paddock