About Josh

I hope the blog posts will reveal more of substance about me than anything I could write here. Nonetheless, I include below a few words on my work as well as some additional points of color to fill out the picture.

Professionally, I help organizations tackle their large and complex transformation challenges. These are almost always human in nature, which means my days are full of surprises, often more difficult than I expect and usually more rewarding than I had hoped.

I have the pleasure of consulting for top-notch, global organizations, leading teams of bright and inspiring consultants and managing a consultancy business with some of my mentors and expert peers as a Director at Julhiet Sterwen Switzerland.

In addition:

  • I am an American, born in the Mid-West and raised in New England, but have spent the majority of my adult life in Europe.
  • Learning and peanut butter are my two greatest, life-long addictions.
  • I used to have a head of long, full, slightly curled, brown hair. Really, I’m not kidding.
  • I studied philosophy, literature and language; ideas, stories and foreign languages are still my great passions.
  • I steadfastly believe in the transformational power of generosity to bring about needed change in ourselves and in the world around us.
  • Flow is something I experience most naturally when skiing, reading to my kids, writing, playing guitar and singing love songs I’ve written for my wife.
  • I am extremely fortunate to be surrounded by deep, soulful, revitalizing beauty – in the form of my family, my friends and our adopted home of majestic Switzerland.

-Joshua Berger-Paddock